Ruichi product development-heating stove

Cangzhou Ruichi Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, We focus on designing, researching ,developing, manufacturing and selling stamping metal parts, including Duct fittings, Furniture part, Auto part, Electrical parts, Construction parts and other industries.

Our experienced engineers are adept at using CNC machine. We always provide the OEM/ODM service for America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and other countries. With our rich experience and considerate services, we have been recognized as a reliable supplier for many international buyers.
But we are not satisfied with this, we always keep on creating more better products and service for the customers. In August, 2019, our Spanish client customized the first order of the heating stove accessories, the client was very satisfied after received the accessories. Following this, the client sent us more than one hundred drawings for the purpose of our supplying the assembled heating stove set. This product includes 29 elements. (shell, top cap, bottom plate, connecting joint, inner box, support bracket, screwed pipe and so on ). The production technical include laser cutting, stamping, bending, CNC, welding, riveting, powder coating and assembling.

Most of the elements could be produced in house while some others couldnt. Our engineers diged into the research and finally overcome the difficulties. To ensure could provide satisfactory products for the client, we accepted this order. The customer was very glad to increase the volume upto 500 thousand dollars. Under strict control from the raw material to production, we finished the product and shipment within forty days. The client was very satisfied with the products and signed the contract of the whole year after. Thanks for the clients trust and make Ruichi Hardware have the new breakthrough on the product.