Wooden case crate clip

With the development of the transportation, the removing transportation is very common in current life. So when you move something very important or the weight things you will use the wooden case to protect the products.

When you load the products to the wooden case you have to use the metal crate clips in every sides of the wooden case. In this condition, you can strengthen the wooden case in case of the broken of the wooden case and the products inside.

These metal crate clips can be made in different types as your requirements, that is can be customized or OEM, and the material can use in the carbon steel, 65 Mn, galvanised steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel or alloy, you can choose any material as your demands.

Custom wooden crates clips solve common shipping and handling problems for your high value products. Our crates clips provide enhanced protection to reduce costly damage during transport. Designed with barriers to eliminate damage from environmental hazards including moisture, temperature, dirt and debris. When your wood crate clip is designed to stack, you experience cost savings from better space utilization in warehouse facilities, trucks and sea containers. For reusability, your custom crate clip can collapse for easy returns. Smart designs improve ergonomics allowing for easier loading and unloading. efficient handling prevents injury to forklift drivers and every handler in the supply chain.

  We will be based on the principle always keep our promises and always be responsible for our products to make better products to meet your need. Please trust us and send inquiry if you have the needs.